Sunday, November 28, 2010

Am I Crazy? -- or What?

I decided to start a new blog. Yeah, I know . . . crazy, right? Like I don't have enough other things to keep me busy?

I've been wanting to devote more time working on scrapbooking. I have all kinds of supplies that have built up over the past several years, with the intent to get busy making up some pages, but I've only ever made up a few pages. One of my new goals is to be more dedicated to using these supplies, document our lives (for my own enjoyment), and create something that I can one day pass on to each of the boys . . . or perhaps future grandchildren? Time will tell if that possibility presents itself. In the meantime, since I have all this stuff and I want to make use of it - my new goal is to get started on it - to quit procrastinating and finish some pages and some albums.

It was kind of fun spending time cutting up paper with my cricket last week. This photo shows the results of some of that time well spent. I have ideas rolling around in my head on what to do with these die-cut pieces. I want to organize the items for each page, then take time to assemble the pieces for my pages. This new blog is my window to the world to share with others the progress I make here.

I've also found some good on-line sources for scrapbooking ideas. This site from Ali Edwards looks like a good place to start with some holiday mini books. It's all about making up a Christmas book showcasing twenty-five days before Christmas. It looks like she has some good ideas for organizing such a project and getting it assembled and completed in a timely manner. This will be one of my current projects. Therefore, I want to do some prep work to ready myself for placing photos pertaining to each of the frist 25 days of December, 2010. Hopefully it won't be too boring. Afterall, it's just the two of us here at home now, and no plans for having the kids come home for this Christmas season. Hmmmm . . . maybe this will be one of the most boring holiday scrapbooks ever! None the less, it's my plan . . . I'll have to see about making things festive around here. Perhaps it will work out in the end. If not . . . I'll document our boring life!


  1. Found you thru Ali's made me laugh--most boring x-mas ever?!! NO way!! I bet you can think of a million things to so for December. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement - hoping the holiday and the scrapping of it turn out well. Maybe it's hesitation/fear of producing something less than adequate. Gotta let it go and just let it flow. Hey, I think I'll make that my new mantra: "Let it go and let it flow!" ;)

  3. I think I'll join you on this 25 days of Christmas album idea. A sister adventure long distant so to speak. That of course means it all starts tomorrow. I bet your album will have lots of room for reflections and recalling memories of Christmas's past.

  4. Oooh great, Dorothy! What fun! Did you go to the site and sign up over there? Are you starting on your foundation album yet? I'm going to be doing that for awhile tonight and also tomorrow.

  5. You must have forgotten to tell! I'll be following and watching!

  6. Yay, Sam! I guess I must have. So many things on my mind lately. I'll show you in person when you're here next!


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